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Hm.  An atheistic view (or even being against what they *think* is Christian)  that always interests me.  Adam comes from Adamu (from Mesopotamian religions), which is simply the word for human-kind - humans, man & woman.  A rib - rib of DNA.  If “God” that was spoken of in these texts needed DNA to recreate a human, they either:

a) Weren’t truly “God”, but just wanted to be seen as such,


b) Wanted to show us a physical way in which it could be done, so we could learn

In addition..why do non-religious people always feel the need to put down religion?  If you dislike it so, ignore it & don’t include it in your life at all.  

c) Is a completely mythological story that people took literally for thousands of years.  Please note that one need not be an atheist to accept C as an acceptable solution.

As to why we feel the need to “put down” religion, I can only speak for myself of course, but I can give you several reasons.

First of all, I find the psychology of religion to be endlessly fascinating. It’s kind of like watching a road accident without (usually) all the gore.

Consider the “rib of DNA” conjecture you mention above.  I found it explained here.  The line of thinking laid out here is truly a masterwork of ingenuity.  That someone would go to all the work to try to explain away what is obviously an old myth in order to make their holy book seem amazing is, frankly, amazing in itself. The Rib of DNA idea is a list of ridiculous and completely unprovable statements, reaching for an already preconceived conclusion with mighty stretches of the imagination and with wildly bending contexts.

And the idea that God wanted to show us a physical way in which it (creating a woman from a man) could be done?  No.  Flat out, no.  Not a single person in the more than 2000 years of reading and studying holy texts did anyone ever proclaim, “Hey…this passage here about the rib?  It’s really talking about the curve of the molecules that make up our bodies and showing us how to use gene splicing to be able to create a woman from a man.”  The “rib of DNA” idea is completely useless to anyone who would, for whatever reason, want to make a woman entirely from the DNA of a man.  Perhaps, though, when humans find a way of doing it, someone will take the correct methodology and perform similar athletic feats to wrestle it out of the Bible.

That’s the thing.  You can’t take conclusion that humans have already learned for ourselves and then say “It is taught that way in the Bible!”  If it really had been taught that way in the Bible, then we wouldn’t have had to learn it for ourselves in the first place!

To me this seems kinda obvious.  But theists are coming out with kind of stuff all the time!  And people like me can’t help but comment about it because watching the gymnastics that people will do justify their beliefs is, well, incredible!

Second?  Even though I don’t believe in a god, I find the idea to be fascinating!  What if there really WERE a being that was all-powerful all-knowing etc.  It’s playing with speculations about infinities!  Just because I’m an atheist doesn’t mean that I can’t find the concepts worthy of contemplation and scrutiny.

And third, well, ignoring religion isn’t really an option even if I wanted it to be; or perhaps better said, it is an option that we would ignore to our own peril.  Everyday, people use religion to try to justify placing their distorted ethics into law: Creationism in schools; anti-gay marriage laws; anti-choice laws; Prayer in schools and in public meetings; Politicians who don’t care about the environment because they feel that the end times is coming soon anyway; People who actually take satisfaction from wars because they hope it portends the coming of the end times.

You think we should ignore this stuff?  Whatever your politics, the influence of religion can not be ignored.

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